Brent crude oil spot price

Brent crude oil spot price

Almost all forecasters predict that aviation kerosene demand will be difficult to return Brent crude oil spot priceto

Yesterday's market started to rebound under the support of the Japanese line Bollinger. Although the market turbulence repeatedly and the long short competition was fierce, the final market still returned to the 1720 position. The current market was temporarily under pressure of 1720, which became an indicator of the strength of long short in the interval. If today's market can break through 1720, it means that gold will continue to operate within the current range, then gold will continue to rise test 1750 Pressure zone! On the contrary, if it doesn't break, then the 1690 support will have to be tested again.

order to enter the market at the right opportunity. The top height of the point is 38.1, and

reached a new historical high position; from the daily line trend of brin line, the upward

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Lianyang,Brent crude oil spot price once rose and fell, and closed in the middle of the lunar calendar. On the daily

Data showed that US crude oil inventories fell unexpectedly last week, which continued the