Crude oil historical price

Crude oil historical price

Then came the foreign exchange market: the dollar rose sharply, rebounding from a low of 88 points iCrude oil historical pricen February to a line of 948 points, a new high for the year. Assets in emerging markets were swept by a frenzy of selling. First, the Argentine peso depreciated sharply, and then the Turkish currency lira plummeted to a record low.

This means that if non-agricultural data and salary data are bullish for the US dollar again, in the absence of other news, or further suppress the middle price of the yuan against the US dollar, it will push up the price of crude oil futures to a certain extent.

Brent crude oil rose on July 4 on Wednesday, aided by threats from the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and US crude oil inventories have been reduced for the second consecutive week. Brent crude oil rose to more than US$78 per barrel after the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps stated that he was prepared to block crude oil exports from the Middle East if the United States banned Iranian crude oil sales.

Deep out-of-the-money put options indicate a significant increase in implied volatility, or suggest that producers are locking in oil prices close to profitable levels, and speculators are protecting themselves from the impact of oil price corrections. The most actively traded last Friday was a July put option with a strike price of $44.

Pence announced new sanctions against Venezuela, and Venezuela will hold a presidential election on May 20. Most analysts expect the Trump administration to postpone stricter measures before Venezuela conducts false votes in two weeks.

Therefore, even assuming that the US releases 500,000 barrels/day of strategic oil reserves when the oil price exceeds US$90/barrel in the first quarter of 209, it can only ease the tension but not solve the problem. More importantly, all current calculations are based on the rapid incrCrude oil historical priceease in production capacity of OPEC countries dominated by Saudi Arabia. However, the reliability of these figures has recently been widely questioned.