International crude oil procurement refinery

International crude oil procurement refinery

Trump's verbal intervention was ineffective, and Saudi Arabia and Russia's cooperation in increasing production failed to change the status quo of high oil prices. In order to curb oil prices, Trump may use the US 600 million barrels of strategic oil reservInternational crude oil procurement refineryes, which is a big killer. Before that, Trump recently thought of a new method...

Usually, after a long time or rapid unilateral movement of the market, a heavy or extreme reverse trend appears in the market. At the same time, with classic technical evidence, such as the K value of the KDJ line in the gapping star-shaped large K-line week reaches 85 or more, it is a peak. Typical signal.

Kowsari also stated that if the United States prohibits Iran from selling oil, Iran will block the passage of tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei also recently expressed support for Rouhani’s proposal, saying that if Iran’s own oil exports are banned, the Strait of Hormuz may be blocked. If Iran really blocks Hormuz, it will be a heavy blow to zombies around the world.

The much-anticipated minutes of the Fed’s July policy meeting were finally released, and the Fed’s internal interest rate hike differences are still large. Some members of the Federal Reserve with voting rights at the July meeting thought that interest rates might need to be raised soon, but many members with voting rights expressed disapproval of a short-term interest rate hike for fear of a slowdown in employment growth in the future. Several voting members hope to see more signs that inflation can rise to the target before raising interest rates.

After Trump announced his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement in May, India continued to import Iranian products. Sankiv Singh Sankivsingh, chairman of the Indian Petroleum Corporation, said on Monday that the company is Iran’s largest refiner and largest customer. In May of this year, India’s crude oil imports from Iran climbed to 705,000 barrels per day, which was the highest since October 206, accounting for 2% of total crude oil imports. Since then, under pressure from the US, India's crude oil imports from Iran have decreased.

It can International crude oil procurement refinerybe seen that, so far, OPEC+ not only does not feel the need to increase production, but instead believes that it should continue to reduce production until the compliance rate drops to 00%. The announcement's concerns about the macro economy reflect the expectation that the global economic growth slowdown will lead to a marginal reduction in oil demand.

From January to October of 208, crude oil imports were 9.06 million barrels per day, a growth rate of 9%. The average annual growth rate of crude oil imports predicted by the Wakagi market was maintained at 6%. Crude oil imports will reach 2 million barrels per day in 200. It also means that the shale oil produced in the United States can be digested completely, leaving room for energy. In addition, this does not include the import demand for natural gas and other energy sources.