Russian European crude oil spot price intext: 1900

Russian European crude oil spot price intext: 1900

Last week, hedge funds and other fund managers reduced their long positions in Brent and WTI crude oil by a total of 10,000 lots to 80,000 lots. This was the largest weekly reduction since August last year and also since September last year. Minimum risk exposure. After accumulating a record neRussian European crude oil spot price intext: 1900t long position earlier this year, hedge funds have reduced their long oil positions for weeks.

Bernstein’s report pointed out that the oversupply of global crude oil in recent years has concealed the problem of long-term underinvestment. Since OPEC and its allies began to limit production at the beginning of last year to reduce global supply surplus, oil prices have rebounded to their highest point in more than three years. The current goal of oil-producing countries is to increase production capacity to help cool the market, but the interruption of oil supply from Libya to Venezuela has kept oil prices high.

In addition to trading in shopping malls and vegetable markets, these things can also be traded in financial markets in a virtual way. Why do you say virtual? Because suppose you buy a barrel of oil in the financial market, but in fact you did not buy one. A barrel of oil, but a barrel of oil in name. Of course, if you wish, you can also apply for delivery of physical gasoline and diesel at any time.

Abstract: In the past six months or so, global crude oil prices have gradually recovered, returning to 80 US dollars per barrel. However, if you compare crude oil prices in various countries, you will find a peculiar phenomenon: while the global crude oil prices are gradually rising, Canadian crude oil prices have fallen again and again, and it has become the price of cabbage.

This means that the Permian pipeline system has been filled. Now, the demand for oil truck transportation from West Texas to the Gulf Coast is soaring, which is a side effect of the pipeline bottleneck. It is very expensive to transport oil by truck, so those Permian drillers who have not yet obtained pipeline transportation capacity are forced to discount their products in order to ensure sales.

Later that month, the Trump administration released a detailed lisRussian European crude oil spot price intext: 1900t of $50 billion in goods. Later, it was announced that it would levy tariffs of up to 25% on 06 US products such as soybeans to fight back. This has exacerbated the growing trade conflict between China and the United States. This caused oil prices to fall by more than 2%.

At present, expectations of increasing production continue to heat up, but the voices of opposition are also obvious. The Iranian representative to OPEC is even more blunt, and three OPEC countries including Iran will vote against it. This means that by then the parties will inevitably have a fierce exchange of fire at the meeting, and Deutsche Bank believes that the infighting among members will make the meeting the most difficult one in seven years.

Summary: Trump recently asked Saudi Arabia to increase production while demanding that countries stop importing Iranian crude oil. After the last round of sanctions, Iran has accumulated a lot of experience. In the past two days, senior Iranian officials have been remarking harshly and have proposed two countermeasures. If a firm stand will win?

What the UAE Minister of Petroleum said to reporters in Vienna on Tuesday, May, was unexpected by many. He said he was satisfied with the current oil market and suggested that OPEC should exercise restraint at this week’s meeting and refrain from taking action. The oil market will eventually take action. Restore balance. He also said that 206 is the year of correction of oil prices, and that the market norms of supply and demand can be put into effect. This is the essence of the policy.